Magic Moment: Amy & Janet’s story – from suspension to collaboration and volunteerism

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Magic Moment: Amy & Janet’s Story – from suspension to collaboration and volunteerism

Amy and Janet were both referred to the ALTOSS program after being suspended. On arrival, both were confronted with the reality that they would have to work together and socialize as a team during the program. This was difficult for the girls and we saw many character traits that raised concerns when they were asked to work together.

For one of their projects to encourage collaboration and team work, we brought in a Christmas tree and asked that both students work together to set up the tree. With the help of one of our ALTOSS staff members, both students not only completed the set-up of the Christmas tree, but continued to work effectively together afterwards.
In the end, the girls had no further incidents between each other. After returning to her home school following suspension, Amy continued to reach out to our ALTOSS staff for further guidance and advice when she found herself in challenging situations. And she volunteered to offer her time with community service – one of the key components learned during her ALTOSS experience.
*Students’ names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.
ALTOSS is a free program available to Martin and Indian River County middle and high school students who have been suspended from school. It provides a safe, structured and educational experience for students during their suspension. Our goal is to give parents peace of mind while providing an opportunity for their child’s growth.
ALTOSS has been proven to be effective in decreasing repeat suspensions by using targeted activities to increase the student’s awareness of the importance of positive character, relationships, respect and cooperation. 70% of students who attend our program do not get resuspended.
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