CEO Message: ļ»æContinued Community Collaboration Needed to Address Growing Childrenā€™s Mental Health Crisis×199.png CEO Message:Ā  Continued Community Collaboration Needed to Address Growing Childrenā€™s Mental Health Crisis During 2021, despite the pandemic resulting in limited in-person services, Tykes & Teens provided nearly 25,000 mental health sessions for clients throughout the Treasure Coast and Okeechobee County, as well as reaching thousands of youth through our numerous prevention services. This […]

CEO Message – Grit and Determination: Daring Greatly×300.jpg CEO Message – Grit and Determination:Ā Daring Greatly There is no question that the past couple months have continued to be challenging for many individuals, families, businesses and communities. Tykes & Teens and the many children and families we serve are no exception. Since the pandemic began, we have seen individuals struggling with mental or […]

CEO Update: Thank You to Our Supporters!×678.png It takes a village and together we are all pieces of a big puzzle. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our generous funders, partners and the communities we serve for your ongoing collaboration and generous support in sharing our mission of prioritizing children’s mental health as we continue facing the […]

Coming Out of the Woods: Engaging children through the summer to build resiliency following COVID-19 The need has never been greater to focus on mental health awareness and removing the stigma and shame often associated with seeking mental health treatment.Ā  We must face the devastating impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the mental health of our children, families and community. According to the National Alliance of Mental […]

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