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Tykes & Teens’ School-Based Services are a close collaboration with school districts in Martin and Okeechobee Counties.

This collaboration allows teachers and guidance counselors to be a part of the team in helping children and adolescents with mental health issues that impact their school performance and behavior.

Providing these services at schools enables Tykes & Teens to meet students where they are during the day, eliminating transportation barriers.

Amanda’s Story

Amanda was in the care of her mother for the first two years of life.  It is not certain what abuse she endured there.  When Children’s Services removed her, she recalls being placed in two different foster care homes.  She wanted to stay in one of them and had to be pulled from under the bed when it was time to go.  At four years old she began life with a relative.  Kindergarten did not go well.  The family noticed she was beginning to pull her hair out by the roots.  Her family had to be called almost daily because she would “freeze” and hide in corners at small infractions or minor peer issues.  The family moved and similar problems continued in her new school.  At one point, her father was coming to school to observe her behavior for himself.  At school, reports came of hurting other children, and the hair pulling had escalated to such a point that she wore a hat to school to cover all the bald spots.

The family sought help and was referred to Tykes & Teens.  Weekly school-based therapy began and a referral to the psychiatrist followed.  Her parents began the Conscious Discipline methods recommended by her therapist and the school placed Amanda with a teacher using the same management approach.  The psychiatrist took Amanda off the anxiety medication she had been using and weekly therapy sessions continued.

Today, the hair pulling has stopped.  Parents have not been called to school this year.  And Amanda is an honor roll student.  Hats are a thing of the past as her hair has grown back.  When we asked her if we could share her story, her immediate response was:  “Yes, if it will help other kids.”

*Name has been changed to protect client confidentiality.

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